Mattel Limited Barbie

Era / Year > 2001

  • Maria Therese Wedding Bride Silkstone Barbie 2001 Limited Edition Nrfb
  • The Munsters Barbie & Ken Dolls Limited Edition 2001 Mattel Set Priced To Sell
  • Nrfb 2001 Mattel Provencale Silkstone Barbie Doll Limited Edition With Coa
  • Enchanted Mermaid 2001 Barbie Collectibles Limited Edition Doll 53978
  • Barbie Fashion Model Provencale Silkstone Limited Edition Doll Priced To Sell
  • Carefully Stored Continental Holiday Barbie Gift Set Limited Edition Sealed Box
  • Barbie Fashion Model Continental Holiday Silkstone Limited Edition Gift Set
  • Nrfb 2001 Porcelain Faberge Imperial Grace Barbie Doll Limited Ed. Withshipper Box
  • 2001 Mattel Provencale Barbie Fashion Model Silkstone Limited Edition +shipper
  • Queen Of The Prom Barbie Convention Doll Limited Edition 2001 Nrfb Mib
  • Barbie Bob Mackie Radiant Redhead Doll Limited Edition Nrfb 2001
  • Silkstonemaria Therese Wedding Bride Barbie Dressed Doll2001 Limited Edition
  • Tales Of The Arabian Nights Gift Set Barbie & Ken Limited Edition Sealed Nrfb
  • 2001 Flowers In Fashion 1st The Rose Mackie Barbie Limited Edition #29911 Nrfb
  • Prima Ballerina Lighter Than Air Porcelain Barbie Doll 2001 Limited Edition